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Because we have several picking locations and because crop ripening depends heavily on weather conditions, we strongly advise you call us for the current picking conditions, times, and locations.

CALL (860) 875-1000

Johnny Appleseed

CALL (860) 875-1000
for picking conditions, hours, and locations.

Peaches: Early August thru mid September. Not open everyday; we advise you to call for days, times, and locations.

Apples: Mid August thru late October. Apple picking is usually open daily, weather permitting. Summer hours are 9am-1pm, Fall hours 9am-5pm.

Pumpkins: Late September thru late October. Open daily, weather permitting. 9am-5pm.

Peach picking usually begins in early August and goes thru early to mid September, depending on the season. Peaches sometimes require extra time to ripen between pickings; therefore, we do not always have u-pick peaches on a daily basis. All of our peaches are good for eating fresh and cooking with, although for canning and freezing, we suggest you wait for one of the freestone varieties. These usually begin in late August and go to the end of the season. What is a freestone peach? A peach whose flesh pulls away easily from the “stone” or pit when ripe. When processing peaches, using a freestone makes the job much easier.

U-pick apples usually begin in early August and go thru the end of October. Our apple trees are all dwarfs, which means no ladders or climbing; all the fruit is easy to reach from the ground. Once the apple orchard opens for the season, we are usually open everyday unless the weather is bad.

Along with the hundreds of pumpkins available at our stands, we also offer u-pick pumpkins at our patch, usually located in our apple orchard. U-pick pumpkins usually start in late September and go until Halloween.

All of our u-pick locations offer a great view and fun for the whole family. We offer free tractor rides on the weekends and all containers are provided. The orchards are handicap accessible. On Mondays and Tuesdays, we offer a 10% discount to seniors at our u-pick locations.

Pick Your Own


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